About the Equipment

You can hire someone new to the business with an I-pod and a couple of speakers who can I-tune you all night.  That is fine if that is all you want.  Or do you want someone with experience and a robust SHOW?!?  We have been in business for 20 years, take that experience and the fact that the equipment is kept up to date with top of the line components, we have what it takes to make your event a HIT!

Sound starts with your microphones and ends with your speakers.  For Microphones, only the best! All microphones are Shure and Sennheiser.  Both wired and unwired for any situation.  Speakers are by Yamaha and Harbinger.  The Yamahas are single 15” with horns, The Harbingers are dual 15” with horns.  The dual 15’s pack a huge punch.

For live sound and karaoke we use a Studiomaster 16 channel mixing board with 750 watts built in and a Crown 800 watt amp for add on power.  If your band is ready to get out of the garage and onto a stage, we can do it!  That also means for karaoke night, you use the same setup that is used for a live band.  We can have up to 6 wireless microphones going at once to handle those crowd sing-alongs.  The karaoke player is a rare JVC 3 disk model, this cuts seek time for the next song down to less than 5 seconds.  When you have a long list of singers, every second counts.

The DJ rig is built with a Behringer pre-amp and feedback destroyer.  For CDs, we use an American Audio professional dual CD player and a Pioneer CDJ800Mk2 pro scratching CD ‘turntable’.  The music is augmented with a laptop and 1 terabyte hard drive.  If the song you want isn’t in our vast collection, it can be downloaded and playing within minutes.

No show is complete without the light show!  We have 20 different lighting systems to fit your needs.  From traditional par cans and spinners to the latest lasers and LEDs, even a mirror ball.  Don’t forget the fog and bubbles, we didn’t!

About DJ Scot's Equipment